Dr. Bloss on the News

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“5Pet Check is a program for vaccinating pets of underprivileged owners.  We are giving dogs and cats a free physical health exam and a vaccine.   Across Colorado around 50 clinics are taking part, offering over 1,000 appointments.  We saw over 1,200 pets last year.”

Dr. Bloss also points out why is it important to make sure we're checking the health of our pets.

"When we do a physical exam, and we recommend those yearly, we do a complete check of your pet.  We'll check starting with the front end, checking their teeth, their eyes, their ears, and  their heart.  We go over of their whole body and see if we detect anything that shows that there's a problem.  Vaccines prevent diseases and there are many diseases that we don't see now because we do vaccinate for them.  So included in the annual exam is a rabies vaccine that is donated by one of our vaccine companies, Merial, and they've graciously donated the vaccines for the whole state."